Employee, Sales and Customer Appreciation Programs to integrate your company and its brand with your staff or customers.

Ongoing programs are a Mirabel specialty. We have extensive experience building and administering programs to meet our partner’s objectives. These include:

  • Employee Safety & Incentive Programs
  • Employee Appreciation & Reward Programs
  • Employee Recruitment Programs
  • Customer Appreciation Programs
  • Sales & Charity-related Programs
  • Company Store Programs

A Company Store provides control of marketing budgets, product quality and variety. Present your employees, customers, or outside sales staff with a unique and simple shopping experience, customized to your selection of branded apparel and promotional products, that is seamless and consistent with your brand. We provide complete, no hassle, online company stores, eliminating the need to tie up your company’s resources. We include product selection, pricing, web store development, order processing, fulfillment and inventory control, so that your store works to achieve your marketing goals.

Employee Safety Program Apparel Example

It was a joy working with you. I’m blown away that you were able to accommodate our needs in such a quick turnaround time. Thank you for your time and efforts to ensure our order was delivered on time.

Krissy M.

We LOVE the t-shirts!!!! They are so soft and look really nice. Most of all, everyone is cooler! I want to place another order.

Pattie M.

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